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Every month, we’ll send you your full exercise program tailored for your stage!
30-45 minute workouts will include strength training, circuit training, cardio and accessory work to keep your body balanced, strong, lean, and moving optimally to prepare your body for pregnancy in a safe and effective way. 
exercise DEMOS
Every workout will include a written and video demo of every single exercise and protocol. Some workouts will even include a full video of Nancy working out right along with you. 
Based off of your specific needs, coaches will guide you through implementing supplemental exercises for your goals: from safe core training, breathing techniques, posture, glute work and more. Customize the optimal program for your body to keep you thriving as you try to conceive.
Different goals require different training and coaching!

Do you need a custom workout for your stage of motherhood?

This is where we come in!
Our Move Your Bump Weekly Workout Subscription provides expertly programmed and guided workouts to help you through every stage of motherhood!
  •  Assessments - establish your starting point and build a foundation. We carefully assess each member so that they can understand the reasoning and science behind our programming before they start our protocol.
  •  Efficient - we perform the workouts right there with you. Guiding you along the way, providing clues and queues for things to focus on and what to look out for! You'll be done in under 30 minutes!
  •  Effective -  we program towards YOUR goal not A goal. Whether your pregnant, trying to conceive, or recently gave birth - our programming is tailored towards maximizing your needs!
  •  Personalized Coaching - members get access to exclusive Facebook group to ask questions, get feedback, and interact with other members!
Move Your Bump is built around four stages of motherhood. Your member area will be tailored to YOUR specific stage, and your community, meal plans, and exercise plans will all be customized for your stage. You can change your stage as your progress through your journey of motherhood.
Even if you aren't pregnant yet, your actions now can and will impact the health of your future baby. This is why we approach conception as a life event to prepare for. In this stage, we go in-depth on a range of topics to help you become pregnant, create an optimal environment for fetal development, minimize the risk of prenatal and postnatal complications, and set yourself (and your baby) up for success through optimal nutrition and fitness. 
Pregnancy is just one part of the motherhood journey—but certainly one of the most essential. We're here to help you make sense of the next nine-ish months of your life: how to eat, how to workout, how to manage stress, and so much more. Optimizing these areas directly benefits you and your growing child. Our research-based advice can be tailored to your unique situation so that you'll feel empowered to have your healthiest pregnancy possible. 
Welcome to the world, baby! Your little one's first three months are filled with many challenges and can bring about every emotion under the sun. During this stage, your body is recovering from a significant event. You're also adjusting to your new role as mom—and probably pretty sleep-deprived to boot. Each month, we give expert insights, tips, and tools that are raising the standard of care for postpartum women. It's our mission to provide you with the support and healing you need during this sacred time, while simultaneously helping you strengthen your relationships with others while we rebuild your bod and abs through optimal nutrition and fitness for this stage. 
Motherhood is one of the toughest jobs around, bar none...especially if you have to re-learn how to make your own well-being a priority. Every month in this stage, we offer expert advice and practical strategies to help you expand physically, mentally, and emotionally so you can help yourself and your loved ones thrive. Nobody can pour from an empty glass—so whether you're still breastfeeding or have been a mom for decades, we're here to help you fill yourself back up while helping you thrive through optimal nutrition and fitness to achieve your Mom-bod goals. 
Join the community & access fitness plans specifically designed for women who are trying to conceive!
Wow— wow is all I have to say, Nancy nailed it again! I have done most of her programs before and she has already created so much of this in her facebook communities, it makes sense that she would create a space like this- it's brilliant! The programs in MYB are fast and effective and more importantly DOABLE! You are in for a treat. I can’t wait to be a part of the community when she launches.
-Kayla J. (Mom)
Nancy is amazing and truly does her best to help in every way. The nutrition and fitness programs for MYB have been so simple to implement in my daily life and my kids loved the meals! I love that Nancy always helps you to understand why you are doing the nutrition plan and exercises that she prescribes, instead of just throwing things at you. I feel like she gave me mini anatomy and nutrition lessons throughout. I look forward to continuing her MYB programming and rebuilding my body after pregnancy the correct way.
-Melissa S. (4th Trimester)
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